О проекте SouthFront


SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical project maintained by an independent  team of experts from the four corners of the Earth focusing on international relations issues and crises and working through a number of media platforms with a special emphasis on social networks. We focus on analysis and intelligence of the ongoing crises and the biggest stories from around the world. The project provides military operations analysis, the military posture of major world powers, and other important data influencing the growth of tensions between countries and nations. We try to dig out the truth on issues which are barely covered by the states concerned and the mainstream media.

Our team is a living proof that experts and volunteers seeking to analyse objectively the ongoing events and equipped with the newest ideas and technologies, can do what only government- and corporate-linked organizations were able to do in the past.

The SouthFront Team believes that not only “professional journalists” and well-paid “experts”, but common people with an inquisitive mind, whom are highly interested in some field of public life, are able to produce balanced content in a modern information-oriented society.

Wikileaks proved that anyone concerned could make a great contribution to the triumph of the truth. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence has shown that anyone can create and disseminate accurate and timely world-changing content.

Our goals:

  • Highlighting alternative points of view
  • Providing independent analysis and intelligence of international events
  • Breaking through the information blockade and media bias
  • Promoting human justice and peaceful dialogue between warring nations
  • Preventing the escalation of conflicts that can lead to wars with the threat of the use of nuclear weapons
  • Reducing the flow of media disinformation
  • Building a community of constructive and progressive authors freely sharing their views and analysis with people all over the world

Contact us: info@southfront.org

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The open-minded approach of SouthFront aims to reveal the real events occurring in the world; to show you what is hidden behind the veil of disinformation and nuanced propaganda. Everybody can become a volunteer in our project and share their own story and perspective with the world.

Modern information warfare compels the majority of mass media to follow a specific establishment line. These “independent” sources pursue their respective sponsor’s aims. CNN’s fake newscast from the First Gulf War shocked the world, when a correspondent who was said to be reporting in the Desert Storm conflict was in fact using a fake backdrop, apparently from a studio set. The BBC has also been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention, and numerous other examples are occurring every single day.

There is far too much “dirty play” from the western mass media that attempts to hide the real truth behind the causes that provoke the various conflicts facing the world today. They create a false image of a fictitious enemy, steer public opinion, and engineer the consent of people in different countries by controlling the narrative of events. A perfect example of this is what occurred in the Ukraine, when thousands of misinformed people took to the streets, fed with disinformation and empty promises, and destroyed the stable institutions of the nation.

Like in the ground-breaking movie, SouthFront offers you the choice of taking the “red pill”. Our long-term activity has formed a growing community of like-minded people seeking the truth. Accept the truth, participate in Southfront, and swallow the red pill.


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