Шум за сценой


Шум за сценой

Вольное упражнение в ландшафтном дизайне на экзотических участках Земли.

По просьбам читателей, попытаемся внести нескончаемый диалог об оффшорах в определенный контекст.

Количество сливов рискует превысить объемы легальной информации. Мыслимо ли, очередные 13+ миллионов документов упали на голову обывателям, а СМИ пытаются выковыривать из простыней текста съедобные фамилии, вольным образом приставляя к ним известную информацию об их носителях.

Пришла пора проговорить несколько прописных истин, расставляющих точки над i.

Начнем с главного.

А кто хранит деньги в оффшорах? Британских, Американских, Азиатских или Ближневосточных, не так важно.

Если дать просто и односложный ответ, то ВСЕ у кого они есть, так или иначе имеют оффшорные счета.

С 1920-х Швейцария существует в собственном измерении трансграничного банкинга. Там был весь европейский свет.

С начала 80-х к ним присоединяются 16 территорий: от Багам до Гонконга.

В с этого периода количество компаний вне национального налогооблажения растет со скоростью 200-300% в год.

В 2016, благодаря усилиям Bank for International Settlements было проведено беспрецедентное исследование, в рамках которого планка хранения денег в оффшорах была определена в 10% от мирового ВВП. Самая нижняя оценка.
Например, РФ держит в оффшорах 50% ВВП, Венесуэла, Саудовская Аравия и ОАЭ по 60-70%. UK и ЕС ~15% (реальная цифра выше).

Шум за сценой

0,01% самых богатых семей UK, Франция и Испания держат от 30 до 40% в оффшорах.

Для РФ аналогичный показатель – 85%, а для Китая – 95% ;-)

США в тех же самых измерениях – 60-70% оценочно (Делавэр не обменивается информацией с международными организациями).

То есть, если выгрузить все данные из оффшорных баз, а не довольствоваться случайным подглядыванием в замочную скважину, то вы увидите там все лучшие дома нашей маленькой планеты. И худшие, кстати, тоже :-)

Если наложить это на карту, что любезно сделали коллеги из Tax Justice Network сделали, картина получается такая:

Шум за сценой

Всего в оффшорах находится $21 триллион, из которых $9,8 триллионов записано на физических лиц с состоянием >$30 миллионов.

Неравенство, однако.

Вообще мировое лидерство по весу кэша сейчас постепенно переходит от ЕС и Америк к ЮВА, что хорошо видно на иллюстрации ниже.

Шум за сценой



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I am certain that President Putin knows full well the futility of any ‘grown up’ interaction with the USA. He is though a pragmatist and has to work with reality and for now the American psyche is cocooned in the fantasy world of American Exceptionalism and the hubris that accompanies that.

On a positive note, history has recorded that all such ‘group’ delusions and hysteria come to an end. Most explosively and the very few in a more benign manner. Let us hope that the US is consumed by her own mediocrity and debt rather than a fireball of WW3 that will consume us all.

Including Israel,LOL.


Well written and well said!


Trump seemed more relaxed with President Putin than any of the other world leaders and indeed his own government employees.


All of these people against Trump have other more accurate descriptions. Jew cabal, Israel firsters, anti American Jew servants, Ziocons, Jew world order, lying Jew media, and blood sucking baby raping Jew pedophile cultists and their collaborators to name a few.

The Russia interference in the election allegations are a distraction trying to divert attention from the massive Jew interference in the US, French, British and other’s political process trying to implement their fascist Israel Jew world order project.

A fully sovereign Palestinian state needs to be provided full UN membership so that they can work on implementing all of the UN and other resolutions that Israel is in violation of from a stronger position. And legislation needs to be passed in the US, Palestine and elsewhere outlawing the Jew pedophile cult, confiscating the cult assets, and imprisoning the cult leaders and practitioners guilty of pedophilia, infecting and killing the cult children with venereal disease during ritual cult child sexual assault ceremonies, and other crimes against humanity and human and civil rights violations.

Brad Isherwood


Trump and Putin are Both….Compromised** by Zionist/Jewish Bankers and Chabad

Andrew Korybko article …if it’s even 50% correct,….Syria is totally screwed.


Getting Trump to stop the regime change violence is a good thing. I doubt that Putin would allow regime change or partition when the Syrian coalition is winning every battle. The Jew baby rapers don’t have the man power, technology or economy to go toe to toe with the Syria coalition and expect any type of positive outcome. And Trump and the Europeans have no desire to fight another Jew war for Tel Aviv.

I’ve read all of that dirt on Trump at Veterans Today. It’s old news and probably isn’t going anywhere. If they could have used it they would have already. A Jew pedophile cult member of Congress just filed impeachment articles against Trump. That probably isn’t going anywhere either.

It’s time to clean house and get the Jew filth out of US politics.


Especially as he has no career reasons to take all the Libtard shit at his age.
Lets all hope that Trump is truly a ‘Man of his time’ as most successful leaders have been. The greatest success of course is to avoid destructive wars that need the surviving future generations to pay for.


I wouldn’t agree that nothing was accomplished at the G20 summit or that Trump is powerless over his own government. Syria and it’s supporters are rolling up the invasion force day after day. Every day the Syrian government foot print increases while the invasion decreases. And Trump agreed to help stop the regime change violence and that’s evidently being implemented on the ground.

The Jew world order cabal and their Jew servant collaborators never wanted Trump in office and they’re failing in their attempt to get him out of office. We’ve gone from Trump the Jew world order WWF mad bombardier to Trump the respected super power negotiator making the Jew criminals look like the malevolent miscreants that they are.

All that we need now are for some creatures from outer space to make themselves seen to some brave soul willing to do a meet and great to help with our safe and peaceful transition into becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves, with extended lifespans on a war, poverty and pollution free planet.


I’m leaving in the morning for a daylight recon, for security purposes, of the prospective natural spaceport where I had the close encounter one night last week with the unidentified life forms. To get a better look at it, take some pictures of it if it’s a suitable LZ, and see if anything interesting happens. Most contact ops are uneventful. But some produce court and laboratory quality evidence.

I haven’t actually gotten to the stage where I’m set up for overnights for telepathic outreach in the manner that I’d like. But preemptive, proactive things keep happening that I can’t ignore. It’s getting to the stage where I may abandon all of the research station preparations. And just sleep during the day before. Reach the natural spaceport at night fall, and do the overnight, telepathy work, sky and ground watch as a night op, and then head out in the morning back to the motel. Or off planet.

My goal is to get up on the ships to get a better idea of what we’re dealing with. And to come back and not have bad things happen to me. So that I can use these off planet working relationships in a positive manner to help create a better future here.

Peter Fastwolf

millions of americans were on the side of russia, seeing that they were fighting the real war on terrorism and we all seen the games america government was playing in ukraine , but for putin to jump in with trump a crook and a sexest lier and friends with russian mobsters , has turned many that liked russia away from supporting russia , bad move for russia now you will get what the evil doers in america want for you , maybe you will pick better friends,,,


How is getting Trump to stop the regime change violence in Syria a bad move on Putin’s part?

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